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Session 2. International Conference on Asphalt 4.0

Digitalization and quality control



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This is a new option inside the possibility to see again a session of a past event, on this case the session 4 of the International Conference on Asphalt 4.0. 

Asefma and ZAS, in collaboration with EAPA, are pleased to invite you to the “International Conference on Asphalt 4.0” (#ICA4point0) where the latest technologies related to the digital transformation of asphalt the paving sector will be determined and analyzed.

The “International Congress on Asphalt 4.0” will be held on September 20 and 21 in Madrid, and is a continuation of the initiative Asefma was inaugurated on May 11, 2020 in the same city. However, about this occasion the event will expand to broader dimensions to achieve proportions on an international scale in line with the subject area.

For this reason, the event will be organized in close collaboration with the EAPA’s “Asphalt 4.0” working group, as a promoter of the digitization of our industry.

Session 2. Digitalization and quality control. D. Jose Luis Peña / moderator  

  • Temperature segregation in asphalt mixture placement by Rok Rošer

  • Determination of RAP’s bitumen content in real-time: CAPRI Project’s view for the near-future by Ana Pinto

  • Risk assessment based on the use of real-time paving and compaction support systems by Natascha Poeran

  • Digitalisation... The key to success by Ersun Görener Q&A

  • Q&A

Asefma ZAS EAPA ICA4point0 Digitalization

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