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8th EATA Conference 2019

European Asphalt Technology Association

02 jun



Hora Inicio: 7:15       Hora Fin: 19:30    Hora local: Madrid


The University of Granada (Spain) will host the 8th European Asphalt Technology Association Conference, that will take place between the 3 and 5th of June in Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos.

During these days, the participants will have the opportunity to share their works related to the following topics:

Mechanical, thermal, chemical and/or physical properties and characteristics of bitumen, additives, bituminous mixtures, asphalt concrete, as well as mixture design.
Sustainability and environmental aspects of bituminous materials used for road and other transportation infrastructures (railway, ports, airports…).
Design and modelling of pavement behaviour and performance, structural evaluation, stress/strain and thermal characterization and calculation, vehicle/road interaction, climatic effects and numerical and analytical modelling for the different bituminous layers of roads and other transportation infrastructures (railway, ports, airports…).
New mixtures and mixture components, including smart and innovative asphalt pavements.
Construction and rehabilitation procedures, as well as asphalt production technologies.
A selection of the best papers will be published in a Road Materials and Pavement Design journal special issue. 

The best EATA presentation and poster will receive an EATA 2019 award. 

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